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Published on April 24, 2024
Philadelphia Officer Shoots Pitbull to Halt Attack on Pomeranian, Under InvestigationSource: Google Street View

A Philadelphia police officer was compelled to use lethal force against a pitbull during a violent altercation with a Pomeranian in the city's West Oak Lane neighborhood, police report. The incident, which unfolded around 8:08 a.m. last Wednesday on the 2100 block of Eastburn Avenue, began when the officer responded to a radio call detailing a dog attack.

The officer arrived to find the pitbull savagely attacking the smaller dog on the sidewalk. Attempts by the owner of the pitbull to decisively intervene failed, leading to the officer's escalation of force. As per officials, the officer first tried to use her Taser twice to stop the dog attack, however, the efforts did not prove to be effective, as NBC Philadelphia reported.

According to FOX 29, the situation escalated when the pitbull then turned toward the officer, prompting her to discharge her firearm, shooting the pitbull three additional times and striking it in the leg. The officer's quick reaction came after her initial non-lethal efforts failed to subdue the attacking dog.

After the incident, the pitbull's owner managed to quickly transport the wounded animal to a nearby veterinary hospital where it received treatment for a single gunshot wound. The unfortunate event has raised concerns about dog safety and owner responsibility within the community. Police officials have noted that there are resources available for those in Philadelphia affected by gun violence, indicating an awareness of the broader implications of firearm use, even in the context of animal control, NBC Philadelphia added.