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Published on April 24, 2024
Philadelphia Police Search for 8 Suspects After Teen Shot During Attempted Robbery in South PhillySource: Google Street View

Philadelphia police are on the lookout for eight suspects after a 17-year-old was shot and almost robbed in South Philly early Wednesday morning. According to authorities, the teen was riding a motorized scooter when he was accosted by suspects on four dirt bikes around 12:30 a.m. near 10th and South streets. As per the report obtained by FOX 29, the group attempted to rob him before giving chase for 10 blocks, ultimately shooting the teen at 10th and Federal streets.

Escaping his assailants, the victim continued for approximately 100 feet before crashing his scooter into a parked vehicle, outlined by Philadelphia Police Inspector Scott Small in a statement. An article from NBC Philadelphia suggested that the boy might have just finished a delivery job shift before the terrible incident unfolded. Despite a language barrier complicating the communication of details, on-scene witnesses stepped forward to help piece together the circumstances leading up to the attack.

Investigators have a reason to be hopeful; the area where the crime occurred is littered with surveillance cameras from numerous businesses and private properties. Police are counting on these recordings to track down the suspects. "Numerous" cameras in the proximity of 10th and Federal streets were mentioned by Inspector Small, as reported by CBS News Philadelphia. A spent shell casing from a semiautomatic weapon was also recovered at the scene, adding to the evidence being collected.

The Philadelphia Police have not identified the suspects or made any arrests, but the search continues aggressively. The teen, whose identity has not been shared due to his minor status, was taken to a local hospital. His condition has yet to be released, but officials urge anyone with information to come forward. Police Inspector Scott Small expressed the urgency of harnessing community support, "We're getting is from witnesses who were with this victim," he told CBS News Philadelphia, highlighting the critical role eyewitnesses are playing in the ongoing investigation.