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Published on April 20, 2024
Philadelphia to See Clearing Skies and Warmer Weekend After Drizzly Start, Says National Weather ServiceSource: Unsplash/ Kelly Kiernan

Philly, prepare to slowly shake off the damp doldrums as the National Weather Service promises a shift from this morning's light drizzle to clearer skies ahead. The overnight scattered showers have left the city with slick streets and a low of 51 degrees. But not to worry, those odds of rain are falling off the same way the dreary clouds are expected to, making way for some moderate weekend warmth.

According to the National Weather Service, Saturday's forecast calls for sporadic showers, mainly clinging on before eleven in the morning. Post-drizzle, Philadelphians can to gradually expect clearing skies with a high sailing near 67 degrees. The winds plan to ramp up, gusting as much as 30 mph, perhaps to blow away all remnants of the earlier dampness.

The outlook for Saturday night is one of optimism—mostly clear with a comfortable low around 42. The northwest winds, persisting at 5 to 15 mph, will be a crisp reminder of the cooler season we're just leaving behind. Sunday's skies will mirror our own tentativeness, partly sunny with an equitable high around 60.

As the week kicks off, the city is to bask under sunny skies, with Monday's high creeping up to a pleasant 63 degrees. The serenity continues into Monday night as clear conditions promise another tranquil low around 44. The NWS projects that Tuesday will not only be sunny, but it will also flirt with higher temperatures, reaching up to 68 degrees.

The midweek brings a touch of uncertainty with a 50% chance of showers wedged into Wednesday's partly sunny forecast and a high near 64. But the skies will clear quickly by nightfall, setting the stage for a mostly clear evening with a low around 40. Thursday to Friday maintains a sunny demeanor, with temperatures steadily in the 60s, providing Philadelphians a stretch of pleasant days to enjoy.