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Published on April 11, 2024
Richardson Celebrates 15 Years of Top Credit Ratings, Plans $67.5M Bond for InfrastructureSource: Google Street View

For the fifteenth straight year, Richardson's withstanding economy and sound financial policies have earned it the highest credit scores obtainable from two powerhouse rating agencies. In an announcement yesterday, the city celebrated retaining its AAA rating by Standard & Poor's and Aaa rating by Moody's, continuing an unbroken streak that speaks to the city's fiscal fitness. Mayor Bob Dubey pointed to "strong fiscal policies and our diverse local economy" as key factors in securing these ratings, ensuring that residents will reap the benefits of lower interest rates on public investments, according to the City of Richardson, Texas.

The city, by getting these ratings, shores up confidence amongst investors as it approaches the bond market to the tune of approximately $67.5 million in General Obligation Bonds for the year. Detailed by City Manager Don Magner, these funds are earmarked for various infrastructure enhancements, including "street improvements, municipal public buildings, parks, sidewalks and drainage projects." The fiscal prudence required for such an esteemed rating includes a strict adherence to debt management and reserve policies, praised by Standard & Poor's in their rationale for the city's consistent top marks and further echoed by the City of Richardson, Texas.

Emphasizing the import of an experienced management team, Strong financial controls, and the continuous draw of the University of Texas at Dallas, Moody's supported the city's rating with its rationale. Fostering conditions for revenue growth, Richardson's budgeting practices and the noted "stabilizing institutional presence" of the university continue to bolster its financial outlook, bringing more than just educational accolades to the city. This growth in the local economy carries with it a promise of stability for Richardson's financial future, according to details gleaned from the City of Richardson.

With an added issuance of approximately $21 million in Certificates of Obligation also in the pipeline to support critical water and sewer projects, alongside updates to the Library, City Hall's financial planning seems as robust as its creditworthiness. "We take pride in providing the best programs and services possible, and are committed to financial, accounting, and budgeting best practices," said Magner, affirming Richardson's alignment with the stringent standards set by both credit agencies as shared by the City of Richardson, Texas.

As a cornerstone in the Dallas area, Richardson has been previously lauded by national media as a top place to live and work. A beacon for tech industry leaders and a magnet for businesses, the city's "smart choice" branding is more than mere words, reflected in the fabric of its operations and forward-looking growth strategies. The strong credit ratings from Standard & Poor's and Moody's serve to once again affix the City of Richardson to its well-earned reputation for fiscal responsibility and sound economic governance, reinforcing the swift and stable stride that's certain to carry it into the future.