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Published on April 17, 2024
Riverside County Unveils RivCoParks Library Pass for Free Access to Local Parks During Earth MonthSource: The County of Riverside

Riverside County is stepping up to give residents a breath of fresh air, and they won't have to open their wallets to do it. According to a release by the Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District, the new RivCoParks Library Pass initiative launched today, a move designed to bond communities and get folks out and about in nature without the sting of an admission fee.

The initiative is a clever hookup between RivCoParks and local libraries, allowing residents to check out the great outdoors. With a library card, they'll be able to snag free access to some prime county park spots. "Parks are for everyone. All Riverside County residents should be able to experience all that our RivCoParks system has to offer," Board Chair Chuck Washington said in the statement. This program will keenly enable locals to expand their horizons, quite literally, by opening up the gates to more than a few hiking trails, picnic spots, and nature preserves that may have previously slipped through their fingers for lack of funds or awareness.

It's no secret that outdoor recreation tends to be skewed by income brackets. The powers that be seem to finally have put their heads together to hash out a plan to start to level out the playing field. In a release, Parks Director Kyla Brown said, "We are proud to introduce the RivCoParks Library Pass program, which is intended to close the nature gap." The timing couldn't be more apropos with Earth Month celebrations kicking off, which are chock-full of environmental rodeos like tree planting shindigs and cleanups.

The park pass is more than just a freebie; it's a bridge for communities, offering a slice of the great outdoors to those who might not usually get to wander off the beaten path. With economic barriers pushed to the side, RivCoParks is banking on this initiative to boost social cohesion and embellish a sense of community pride where it's often needed most. For those ready to literally take a hike or just soak up the outdoors, all the details they need are a simple click away at RivcoParks Library Park Pass. And for the Earth Month enthusiasts out there, they have just to shoot an email to [email protected] to get their hands dirty in the name of Mother Nature.