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Published on April 24, 2024
Ryan Garcia Triumphs Over Devin Haney Despite Weigh-In Controversy, Reinforces Legacy in San Antonio BoutSource: Wikipedia/Ryan Garcia

The boxing world is still buzzing from Ryan Garcia's majority decision win over Devin Haney, which marked Haney's first professional defeat. Despite tipping the scales over the weight limit, Garcia managed to knock Haney down three times on Saturday night.

Garcia, whose professional record is now an impressive 25-1, showed no signs of the erratic behavior that some thought should've sidelined him from the fight. Critics had questioned his dedication to the bout when he weighed in at more than 3 pounds over the 140-pound limit, according to reports by AP News. His power and agility in the ring quickly silenced skeptics, as Haney found himself on the canvas in the seventh, 10th and, 11th rounds.

"Come on guys, you really thought I was crazy?" Garcia erupted to fans in his post-fight interview, after a performance that not only restored his image but perhaps also elevated his p4p status. Despite the scale not tipping in his favor - Garcia's fists tipped the odds in the ring.

Reflecting on his journey, Garcia's connection to San Antonio goes back further than his bout with Haney. Almost to the day two years ago, he faced off with Emmanuel Tago in the Alamodome, and won by decision. Prior to this recent victory against Haney, San Antonio was the backdrop for another steppingstone in Garcia's illustrious career, according to FOX San Antonio. Garcia's recollection of his early fights, and even his offbeat explorations of the Riverwalk, paints a picture of an athlete steadily punching his way to prominence.

The only blemish in Garcia's record comes from a loss against Gervonta Davis, a name many toss around as the best p4p fighter currently in the game. With Garcia's recent win, conversations around rankings and legacies are inevitable. However, Garcia's raw display of resilience and strength in his latest fight, has certainly etched a major milestone in his already storied career.