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Published on April 23, 2024
Seguin's IT Wizard Joseph Reyna Honored as City's Employee of the Month for Exceptional ServiceSource: Google Street View

Joseph Reyna, the IT Public Safety Administrator deeply entrenched in the day-to-day operations at Seguin Police Department, just snagged the City's Employee of the Month honors. The man behind the scenes keeping the blue force technically equipped and ready to protect and serve, Reyna's exceptional work ethic is what landed him this esteemed accolade.

Seguin PD views Reyna more like one of their own, rather than an IT specialist, due to his steadfast presence amongst the ranks. When the officers are out there and technical gremlins attack, Reyna is the one they count on to wage war on the glitches, ensuring that all equipment stays up and running. According to a release on the City's website, his peers admire how he "works hard to ensure equipment is operational and any technical issues experienced by officers in the field are quickly resolved."

It's not just about fixing problems for Reyna. The guy's commitment echoes well past conventional work hours, not uncommon to find him burning the midnight oil if that's what it takes to get the job done. The city's shout-out made note of his readiness to go beyond the call of duty, a trait that embellishes his profile as an exemplary public servant.

While accolades are often doled out in municipal pressers, this acknowledgment echoes a sentiment of genuine gratitude for Reyna's unwavering dedication. His colleagues portray him as a figure of relentless tenacity with the statement "His work ethic is excellent" being bandied about to commend him, clearly demonstrating the high regard they hold for his contributions. Seguin PD's own regard him as someone who steps up when the heat is on, to have made this commendation nothing short of well-deserved.

For Joseph Reyna, it's about ensuring that when an officer reaches for their tech tool belt, everything is in prime working order. And thanks to his expertise, cops on the beat in Seguin can focus on what they do best – keeping the city safe. As he takes his well-earned spot in the limelight this month, those he serves with and those he serves for, are together in their appreciation: "Joseph, we applaud you on this well-deserved recognition," heralded the city's announcement, and the community surely echoes it.