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Published on April 24, 2024
Steady Showers in Store for Seattle as National Weather Service Forecasts Rainy Week AheadSource: Flickr / Sergiy Galyonkin

Seattle's looking at a wet week ahead, with the National Weather Service forecasting a consistent splash of the wet stuff almost daily. In a city no stranger to precipitation, the upcoming showers are just another testament to its soggy reputation. According to the National Weather Service, there's a 40 percent chance of rain today, mostly between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., with temperatures peaking at a cool 57 degrees.

Tonight, rain's expected to come knocking mainly after 4 a.m., bringing the temperature down to 48 degrees. The chance of precipitation is 70%, but with less than a tenth of an inch of rainfall predicted, don't expect to get massively drenched. Come Thursday, the certainty of rain looks to quickly climb up to a full 100%. Steady temps around 50 degrees with south winds pushing at 7 to 10 mph, the rain is forecasted to not just drop by but to firmly settle in.

Thursday night will be much the same story, with a low around 49 and no let-up in the rain. As the weekend approaches, Friday will see highs near 55 and south-southwest winds taking a mild 6 mph turn, while a 90% chance of rain indicates some persistent pattern. Friday night's forecast hints at lighter showers, mainly before 11 p.m., and yet another low of 48.

And for those waiting for a break, Saturday offers little respite with a 60% chance of rain, chiefly after 11 a.m., and highs lingering near 57. Saturday night and Sunday? More rain is forecasted, with a repeat performance on Monday. Temperatures throughout the week are jamming steady in the mid-50s, while nights are marginally warmer than what this season typically delivers. Sure, the intermittent rain may try to dampen spirits, but for Seattleites, it's just another week of reaching for the umbrella.

Rounding off the week, Tuesday is expected to bring some semblance of variety with rain likely, but also a rare appearance of a partly sunny sky, and a high near 57. While umbrellas and rain boots will be standard issue for Seattle locals, it seems the week's saving grace may be just enough patches of blue sky to remind everyone that summer is, eventually, on its way.