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Published on April 24, 2024
Suspect Arrested After Ramming Vallejo Police Car with Stolen Vehicle, Firearm RecoveredSource: Vallejo Police Department

In a gritty showdown in Vallejo, a suspect is behind bars after a brief vehicular melee with police. Vallejo Police Department officers stumbled upon an Infiniti Q50 with a visibly smashed sunroof parked at a business complex on the 2200 block of Tennessee Street this past Sunday. A routine plate check set the drama in motion – the license plate affixed to the Q50 was hot, reported stolen from a Subaru.

Police moved in to bottleneck the suspect's getaway, flipping on their emergency lights. The driver of the Infiniti was having none of it and, in a desperate bid for freedom, rammed the patrol car six times. The concrete embrace of a wall finally halted his escape – only to find himself in handcuffs shortly thereafter. The vehicle's violent encounter left the squad car worse for wear, but ultimately the officers prevailed.

As per the Vallejo Police Department's Facebook post, the Q50's dark tale did not end there. A sweep of the vehicle unearthed an unserialized loaded firearm casually discarded on the back seat. Further probing revealed the Q50 as another piece of stolen property, its origins tracing back to Richmond, CA.

The driver's rap sheet unfolded like a trail of breadcrumbs – stretching across counties, saturated with warrants: theft in Solano County, burglary in Marin County, probation violation out of Sonoma. When presented with their rights, his narrative turned quaint – claiming the purchase of the Q50 from an "unknown" on Facebook and the gun was part of the deal. After his statement, the driver was shuttled off to county jail, and the foreboding firearm was secured as evidence.