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Published on April 23, 2024
Texas Tackles NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys at a Crossroads, Houston Texans Gear Up for Roster BoostSource: Wikipedia/National Football League

It's high stakes in the world of NFL drafts, and Texas teams are braced for action. With Sneakers and Cleats ratcheting up the draft week chatter, all eyes are on the Dallas Cowboys as they weigh their options under the pressure of a stalled contract negotiation with quarterback Dak Prescott, according to FOX SA. On the other sideline, the Houston Texans get ready to amp up their roster after what's been called a successful offseason.

Meanwhile, as the Dallas Cowboys eye the No. 24 pick in the draft, fans are reminded by the Star-Telegram of the franchise's sparse activity in free agency—with only two new players signed and the departure of several key starters. While the team has shown prowess in past drafts, the choice they make at No. 24 is increasingly critical. Not to forget, celebrating a solid rookie season with the New York Giants, Deonte Banks stands as the most recent testament to the potential of 24th picks.

History reveals the potential of that 24th slot, which boasts players like Najee Harris, who blasted out of the starting gate with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cesar Ruiz, who has become an ironclad center for the Saints since his selection in 2020. D.J. Moore, another University of Maryland alum, made a splash as a consistent 1,000-yard receiver—proof that the No. 24 pick can be a launchpad for NFL careers.

In the looming shadow of contractual contention with Prescott, the Cowboys, having only signed linebacker Eric Kendricks and running back Royce Freeman off the free agency market, might just find their much-needed talent infusion in this year's draft choice—something to think about as eyes will be glued to screens at 7 p.m. on Thursday when the NFL Draft commences.