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Published on April 23, 2024
Vallejo Man Arrested for Negligent Firearm Discharge During Roommate DisputeSource: Vallejo Police Department

A Vallejo man was arrested after reports emerged that he negligently discharged a firearm during an altercation with his roommate. As per the Vallejo Police Department's Facebook page, the incident unfolded on April 20, prompting police officers to respond to a shots-fired call on the 2600 block of Tennessee Street.

Upon their arrival at the scene, officers were informed by the caller, who was also the suspect's roommate, that the squabble had escalated to the point where the suspect grabbed a gun and shot into a vacant space of their home. Per the Vallejo Police Department, the officers made contact with the suspect outside the residence, and "through the use of de-escalation techniques, they were able to apprehend him without any further violence."

The suspect was then Mirandized and detained, following his admission to discharging the weapon inside the house. He attributed the act to his struggles with alcohol withdrawal and expressed that he was upset at the time. Subsequently, the man was booked into the Solano County Jail, and the firearm involved in the situation was confiscated and recorded as evidence.

The Vallejo Police Department acknowledged the tranquil resolution of the incident, marking the safe apprehension of the suspect as a win for public safety and police protocol. They expressed gratitude to the officers, saying, "We are grateful that our officers were able to resolve this situation peacefully." Furthermore, they urged the community to seek help for mental health, drug, or alcohol concerns by providing resources such as and the SAMHSA's National Helpline.