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Published on May 23, 2024
Expect Nighttime Traffic Delays on U.S. 422 in Phoenixville Area Due to PennDOT Patching OperationsSource: Google Street View

Traffic mayhem is imminent next week as PennDOT rolls out its concrete patchwork party on U.S. 422 East, and yes, that means lane closures that'll test the patience of every driver. Brace yourselves for nighttime mayhem from Tuesday, May 28, to Thursday, May 30, as PennDOT's crew gets cracking with concrete between Phoenixville and Trooper Road—so better notch up that evening playlist, because you're going to need it, as per PennDOT's news drop today.

Buckle up for a single-lane squeeze setup on eastbound U.S. 422 from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. right where Route 29 kisses Bridgeport good night—traffic's going to snarl and it's going to crawl, these patching operations under a weighty $6.9 million project are aiming to spruce up the stretch's pavement, so try not to let the stop-and-go get your goat.

If you're plotting a route that's flirting with this zone, PennDOT's tossed a friendly warning your way—give yourself that extra clock tick because no one's got time for backups and delays, but you're getting them anyway. And if you're praying for fair weather, join the club, as all this traffic tango is at the mercy of the skies, PennDOT warns on its website.

When it comes to the heavy lifting, J. D. Eckman, Inc. out of Atglen's scoring the general contractor trophy, and it's on their shoulders to dish out all the fix-ups, which means bridge deck repair, diamond grinding, and a sprinkling of reflective pavement markings, the whole project's bankrolled with state funds, not a dime from Uncle Sam's pocket; smooth rides are coming, folks—eventually.