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Published on May 23, 2024
Seattle Man Arrested After Striking Occupied Tents in Stolen Car, Facing Multiple ChargesSource: Seattle Police Department

A 30-year-old man was nabbed by Seattle Police after a chaotic sequence of events in which he was caught in a stolen car, struck several tents with people inside, and attempted to evade police before his arrest on May 5. According to Seattle Police Department, the incident occurred early in the morning near Sixth Avenue South and South Snoqualmie Street.

The police engaged a sleeping suspect, stationed in the driver’s seat, with a specialized "Terminator" device, known to quickly, but safely, disable vehicles. As officers sought to initiate a traffic stop, the suspect suddenly attempted to haphazardly speed away, resulting in three of the car's tires being flattened. The fleeing man then steered the crippled car into a grassy area, careening into occupied tents and injuring two individuals as others desperately leapt aside, as reported by Seattle Police Department.

The driver's flight came to an end when the damaged vehicle could no longer be driven, with the suspect attempting to disappear into a dumpster covered by drywall. Using a K-9 unit, police tracked down and arrested the 30-year-old man, who remained unnamed in the reports. Along the route of the chase, officers also retrieved a firearm, and the suspect was found to be legally prohibited from possessing such a weapon.

The two victims struck by the stolen vehicle were attended to by the Seattle Fire Department and treated for their injuries on the scene. Meanwhile, the suspect has now to face several charges including vehicular assault, unlawful firearm possession, and possession of a stolen vehicle. Notably, the vehicle was towed, and related evidence was collected as the investigation continues. The man was later booked into King County Jail following his escapade.