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Published on May 23, 2024
Seattle Police Team Up with DEA, FBI to Net 12 Suspects, Seize Over 16,000 Fentanyl Pills and Firearms in Drug BustSource: Seattle Police Department

In a major crackdown on drug trafficking, 12 suspects have landed behind bars after a meticulous multi-agency operation, spearheaded by the Seattle Police Department, that also led to the seizure of a staggering cache of drugs and firearms. Seattle's finest, working hand in hand with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have delivered a significant blow to the local narcotics supply chain.

The collaborative effort, spanning several months, culminated on May 14 with a series of arrests and the recovery of more than 16,000 fentanyl pills and 53 firearms, amongst other illegal substances. The operation unearthed 13,644.4 grams of methamphetamine, 1,507.7 grams of cocaine, a sheer 16,100 fentanyl pills, and a bevy of other drugs – evidence of a sprawling drug distribution network, according to a blotter report from the Seattle Police Department.

All apprehended individuals are now in the clutches of the federal system, with prosecutions queued for the United States Attorney's Office. This marks a notable success for the Seattle Police Department's ongoing mission to purge the community of illegal narcotics and the violence so often associated with their trafficking. Details on the suspects remain under wraps, but the breadth of the operation signals a hard stance from law enforcement against the opioid epidemic plaguing the city.

The arsenal seized in the bust included 255 grams of Xanax, 37.8 grams of OxyContin, and 27,691 grams of marijuana which, in conjunction with the over 1,200 grams of fentanyl powder, paints a grim portrait of the drug problem facing the region. The SPD's work, as echoed by Seattle officials, underscores a dedicated effort to dismantle the insidious networks that feed addiction and crime right at its roots.

This latest operation embodies the strong partnerships between federal and local law enforcement agencies as they continue to face down the specter of drug trafficking. While the Seattle Police Department has not disclosed how long the suspects were under surveillance, their role in gathering and providing critical evidence for the indictments was pivotal, signaling their commitment to making the streets safer for the citizens of Seattle.