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Published on May 23, 2024
SeaWorld San Antonio HR Worker Charged with Illicit Recording of Job Applicant's Private VideoSource: Google Street View

A SeaWorld San Antonio HR employee faces charges of invasive visual recording after allegedly hijacking a job candidate's intimate moment during an interview. David Josiah Martinez, 23, who worked as a recruiting specialist, is accused of sending himself a sexually explicit video from an interviewee's phone, police say.

The situation unfolded in June 2023, when a man visited the park's HR department for a job interview. Having trouble with accessing the applicant's documents, Martinez asked to use the man's phone to view the application, according to the KENS 5 report. Police statements indicate Martinez left with the device, purportedly to get help from the front desk.

About five minutes later, Martinez reappeared, returning the phone and advising the candidate to come back for a swimming test. The ordeal came to light when the candidate realized a private video had been sent to an unknown number once he got home. The explicit content featured him and his girlfriend.

Attempts by the victim and his father to confront Martinez at SeaWorld hit a wall; the HR worker refused to meet. According to the arrest affidavit, a conversation with the manager led the father to believe his concerns were being downplayed. It wasn't until the victim and his father reached out to the San Antonio Police that the scheme began to unravel, revealing the video had been sent to Martinez's personal phone.

Following the investigation, Martinez found himself behind bars at Bexar County jail.