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Published on August 14, 2023
Encinitas Unveils Stunning $9M San Elijo Activity Hub, a Gateway to Coastal Adventures and Greener TransportCourtesy of SANDAG

Perfectly situated at 2581 Via Poco, the newly opened San Elijo Activity Hub Park & Ride is causing quite a buzz, marking itself as an innovative project within the massive $987 million Build North Coast Corridor (NCC) infrastructure program in Encinitas. With easy access to the stunning San Elijo Lagoon and new Interstate 5 carpool lanes, the activity hub is already making splashes among residents and visitors seeking invigorating coastal adventures and a greener transportation experience.

According to a Times of San Diego article, the activity hub is funded through a creative blend of state, federal, and local sources, demonstrating a strong collaborative effort to achieve the goals outlined in the Build NCC initiative. At the core of this project is the vision of reducing congestion, promoting ridesharing and active transportation use, and increasing coastal access along the North Coast Corridor.

One of the highlights of the San Elijo Activity Hub is the provision of 177 parking spaces. In addition to these much-needed parking spaces, the hub also offers bike racks and electric vehicle charging stations, promoting greener and cleaner transportation options for those venturing to the lagoon or surrounding areas. Caltrans District 11 Director Gustavo Dallarda shared in a press release that the new facility stands apart from traditional Park & Ride lots by providing a direct connection to the highway for carpooling and trail access, while also accommodating the multimodal needs of the community.

Looking toward sustainability and the future, the activity hub also features space for a future community garden. As noted by the Times of San Diego, the garden will be managed by the Nature Collective and is set to be called the "Fields of the Future." 

Including fascinating interactive signs on the San Elijo Lagoon and information about pedestrian access, the hub is also an educational experience. Doug Gibson, the Nature Collective Executive Director, expressed his excitement in a press release, welcoming more people to visit and connect with the natural wonders of the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. The grand opening of the San Elijo Activity Hub Park & Ride marked a milestone for the project, which was celebrated with snow cones, activities, games, guided tours, and much more, as noted on the SANDAG events page.