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Published on September 13, 2023
Revitalizing San Diego as it Paves the Way for a Sustainable Water FutureSource: City of San Diego

As San Diego continues to thrive as a bustling modern city on the West Coast, it faces the perpetual challenge of securing sustainable water resources for its residents and businesses. The City is making significant strides toward a more resilient future as it embarks on the latest milestone in its ambitious Pure Water San Diego program, a long-term, multi-year initiative that aims to provide nearly 50 percent of San Diego's water supply locally by 2035.

In a recent construction alert by Pure Water San Diego, the City announced upcoming street paving on Clairemont Drive as part of the Morena Conveyance South & Middle and Conveyance Bike Lanes project. These works are scheduled to take place on September 13 and 14, with lane re-marking and other improvements to follow in the coming days. However, residents and passers-by are cautioned to have patience, observe safety measures, and expect some noise and dust during the roadway construction.

Pure Water San Diego is utilizing advanced water purification technology to transform recycled water into safe, high-quality drinking water. The program's cost-effective approach to investment is designed to secure San Diego's water needs and provide a reliable, sustainable water supply. This bold initiative will also help reduce San Diego's dependence on imported water, which currently accounts for a considerably high proportion of the city's consumption.

Phase 1 of the program includes various projects to produce 30 million gallons per day (mgd) of purified water, further bolstering the city's efforts in attaining self-reliance in water resources. 

For those seeking more information on the Pure Water San Diego program and the ongoing Morena Conveyance South & Middle and Conveyance Bike Lanes project, official updates are available on the Morena section of the Pure Water San Diego website. Queries and concerns can be directed to the City via email or their dedicated contact number, with a team member ensuring a response within one business day.