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Published on September 07, 2023
San Diego's Crucial Pipeline Project Begins Amidst Noise and Traffic DelaysSource: Pure Water San Diego

As San Diego takes a step forward towards its vision of self-sustainability in water supply by 2035, the residents brace themselves for the noise and traffic disruptions caused by the ongoing pipeline construction. According to a recent announcement by the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, work at the Genesee Avenue and Governor Drive intersection began on September 11, as part of the City of San Diego Morena Northern Pipelines and Tunnels project. The construction, conducted in two phases, is expected to continue for approximately six weeks.

The ambitious project aims to alleviate San Diego's dependence on imported water by recycling it through a cost-effective and sustainable purification process. The Morena Northern Pipelines and Tunnels project is one of the major water infrastructure projects in Phase 1 of Pure Water San Diego.

The work hours have been intentionally scheduled at night - from 8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. - to manage traffic during peak daytime hours. However, the official announcement of Pure Water San Diego on Twitter could not mitigate residents' unease over the anticipated traffic delays and noise pollution.

The Morena Northern Pipelines and Tunnels work zone maps, provided in the same announcement, outline how the lanes will be shifted around to maintain two-way traffic on both Genesee Avenue and Governor Drive at all times.

Local authorities, in their bid to ensure a smooth transition for the residents, have urged them to plan extra time when traveling through the intersection or avoid it altogether. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained throughout the construction period, and emergency vehicles will have 24/7 access. Meanwhile, flaggers will be present on-site to assist pedestrians in crossing the streets safely in the absence of crosswalks during working hours.

The City of San Diego remains committed to providing clear communication and up-to-date information about the construction activities. As part of its effort to maintain transparency, construction notices will be posted regularly on, and affected properties will receive printed notices.