Boston's Beloved Frog Pond Reopens for Icy Escapades on Historic Ice

Boston's Beloved Frog Pond Reopens for Icy Escapades on Historic IceSource: Google Street View
Sam Cavanaugh
Published on November 27, 2023

Boston's heart once again beats with the crisp slice of ice skates as the city's cherished Frog Pond opens up for another season of winter whimsy earlier today, inviting residents and tourists alike to lace up and create memories on one of the nation’s top-rated skating rinks. Visitors can glide across the historic ice starting at 10 a.m., a callback to a simpler yet equally sparkling winter tradition, as per Boston 25 News.

With its rich lineage traced back to 1634, Boston Common is not just any park—it's a tapestry of the United States' history. Playing host to British troops, Revolutionary cries, and the clamor of countless public discourses, the history-rich Boston Common has seen it all, and now it's the turn of skaters to carve out their own slice of history on the ice where, once upon a time, cattle grazed and locals swam. These days, though, you're more apt to catch a squirrel on a jaunt than a grazing cow or splashing Bostonian, according to the Frog Pond's official website.

The Skating Club of Boston and the City of Boston co-manage this icy gem nestled within the storied greens of Boston Common—transformed from swimming hole to ice rink over centuries—setting the stage for family-friendly activities. From kiddie swims to the elegant dance of professional figure skaters, Boston Frog Pond's transformation details were gracefully etched by the Skating Club of Boston on the heels of the winter season.

The Frog Pond Skating Spectacular will pivot and pirouette on November 30 at 5 p.m. sending chills and thrills before the beloved 82nd Annual Boston Common Tree Lighting brightens up the evening sky at 6 p.m just as a tempting teaser of what’s to come as part of the seasonal festivities that have charmed Bostonians generation after generation. For more about skates, slices, and pricing spins, Bostonians and visitors are urged to leap over to the link provided by Boston 25 News for the full lowdown on this Bostonian winter classic.