Back-to-Back Freeway Shootings Strike Fear Near Hayward, CHP Hunts Phantom Gunman

Back-to-Back Freeway Shootings Strike Fear Near Hayward, CHP Hunts Phantom GunmanSource: Google Street View
Tony Ng
Published on November 22, 2023

The California Highway Patrol reported not one but two freeway shootings near Hayward, California, in a span of mere minutes. The first incident on Sunday unfolded on the westbound stretch of State Route 92, where officers arrived at the scene around 9:06 p.m. only to find bullet casings—with no suspects or casualties in sight according to an announcement made by the CHP Hayward Area office.

But the terror did not end there. Roughly 24 minutes later and a scant distance away, a driver's peaceful commute turned into a nightmarish ordeal on I-880 Northbound. Jolting the shadowy tranquility, her car window was partially shattered by the clamorous echo of a gunshot—the aftermath of two vehicles racing dangerously close. The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, was reportedly unscathed after what could easily have been a deadly episode. She later called the authorities about the safety of her home the CHP Hayward reported.

The authorities are now piecing together the puzzling circumstances that led to these highway horrors. The CHP Hayward Area, fortified by the Golden Gate Investigative Services Unit, is meticulously digging for answers. It's a search for truth in a landscape marred too often by bullets and bloodshed—a search that has the CHP calling on the public's assistance. “Any assistance from the public in gathering additional details surrounding these shootings is appreciated," urged the CHP in their public plea for witnesses.

Those with any knowledge that can light the way to justice are encouraged to call the CHP Hayward Area office at (510) 489-1500.