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Mar 30, 2021

An update on Oakland's internet-famous duck couple, now settled in at their "forever home" in Marin

They've been called "Oakland's cutest couple" and "Ebony and Ivory" and various other things, but a pair of domesticated ducks that were evidently dropped off at Lake Merritt last year to fend for themselves have officially settled into new digs at a rescue sanctuary for injured or neglected farm animals in Marin County. Read More

Jan 05, 2021

Internet-famous Lake Merritt duck couple gets rescue shelter home to treat their injuries

The bonded, black and white duck couple have become rock stars on Twitter and Reddit, but they’ve been enduring some serious pain and suffering behind the feathers. Read More

Dec 09, 2020

Cat lovers furious that East Bay Regional Park District is shooting feral felines

At least a dozen feral cats have been shot and killed by park authorities at Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, and animal lovers are up in arms over the aggressive tactics. Read More

Oct 22, 2020

East Bay's new shoreline park opens more than 50 years after conception

East Bay Regional Parks’ newest park opened this week, spanning 45 acres of Oakland’s historic shoreline and reusing some of the old Bay Bridge’s foundation for public space. Read More

Mar 18, 2020

East Bay parks district says trails are open, but hikers say otherwise

Socially distanced hiking is a release valve for Oaklanders sheltered in place, but local trails aren't as open as officials claim they should be. Read More

Jul 13, 2018

New California Trail exhibit opens at Oakland Zoo

Three years in the making, the Zoo's state wildlife exhibit is now open to the public. Read More

Mar 29, 2018

State Commission Approves $52M Caltrans Bay Bridge Park

Caltrans is moving forward with plans to create a recreation area on converted piers of the old Bay Bridge. Read More

Dec 26, 2017

Take Root: OMCA Exhibit Spotlights City's Agricultural Community

The interactive exhibit gathers stories from local farmers and gardeners. Read More

Dec 18, 2017

Officials Sign Lease For Hub Of New Waterfront 'Gateway Park'

Once constructed, the park will connect to the Bay Bridge's pedestrian and bike paths. Read More

Nov 20, 2017

Pollen Nation: Inside 'The Ranch At Dogtown'

At her urban farm, Kathryn Porter keeps bees, chickens and raises fresh vegetables. Read More

Nov 17, 2017

RIP, Tiki: Oakland Zoo Announces Death Of 28-Year-Old Giraffe

Tiki reached 95 in equivalent human years and helped zookeepers create new medical treatments for giraffes. Read More

Oct 12, 2017

As Wildfires Blaze, Air Quality Worsens

The North Bay fires will continue to bring "unprecedented levels of air pollution." Read More

Aug 21, 2017

Scenes From A Foggy Solar Eclipse In San Francisco & Oakland

Despite the fog, skywatchers across the Bay Area did their best to get a glimpse of today's celestial event. Read More

Jul 05, 2017

Third-Graders Lobby For An Oakland First: An Official City Bird

The black crowned night heron is seen all over the city and nests in large groups downtown. Read More

Jun 29, 2017

Toxic Algae Closes Lake Temescal For Swimmers

The algae can lead to skin rashes in humans and can kill dogs and small animals. Read More

Jun 21, 2017

Berkeley-based Earthquake Rattles San Francisco And Oakland

Around the Bay Area, people reacted as they felt the earth move beneath them. Read More

Jun 20, 2017

Lake Merritt's Bonsai Garden Under Renovation

The garden's oldest specimen is more than 1600 years old. Read More

Jun 15, 2017

Some Neglected Animals From City's Nature Center Require Lifelong Care

Some animals have been adopted, but others may never be healthy enough to leave rescue centers. Read More

Jun 13, 2017

After Delays, Oakland Zoo Opens New Gondola, Hilltop Restaurant

The first portion of the zoo's California Trail expansion opens with an electric gondola and hilltop restaurant. Read More

May 16, 2017

Rotary Nature Center's Future Unclear Amidst Animal Neglect Investigation

The center has been closed since March as an investigation tries to determine how 13 animals came to be neglected. Read More

May 10, 2017

River Otter Pups Make Oakland Zoo Debut

Si'ahl, Imnaha and Talulah are just beginning to eat fish and meat. Read More

May 09, 2017

Tiny North Oakland Park To Get A Little Bigger

Thanks to pedestrian and bicycle improvement projects, the little park will expand its footprint. Read More

May 04, 2017

Oakland's Black-Crowned Night Herons 'Just About At Their Peak,' Says Wildlife Expert

These highly adaptable birds often eat near Lake Merritt, but they live Downtown. Read More

Apr 28, 2017

Fire Damages Historic Abandoned Library, Shuts Out Community Garden Project

Since the fire, city officials erected a locked gate around the site, restricting access for gardeners and volunteers. Read More

Feb 02, 2017

Police, DPW Crews Clear Homeless Village Near MLK Way & 36th Street

A neighbor said the encampment "trashed" the "one semi-nice thing in this neighborhood." Read More