Monopoly Madness Sweeps San Jose as Custom Edition of Classic Board Game Sells Out Amid Holiday Frenzy

Monopoly Madness Sweeps San Jose as Custom Edition of Classic Board Game Sells Out Amid Holiday FrenzySource: Top Trumps
Eileen Vargas
Published on November 21, 2023

The beloved board game Monopoly has launched a special San Jose Edition that recognizes iconic landmarks and local businesses of California's third-largest city. NBC Bay Area reported the customizable edition hit the market amid much fanfare showcasing local favorite places like Winchester Mystery House, Original Joe's, and Peters’ Bakery, replacing traditional loci of the classic game.

"San Jose has so much history, so much to be proud of, so much to celebrate, and this is just one more great opportunity to do that," Mayor Matt Mahan told NBC Bay Area. The game has been developed by Top Trumps after a-year and a half long research, taking in the community inputs on to be included in the game.

The game was released in line with the tech-spangled holiday spirit of Silicon Valley, with fans purchasing stacks of the game. "I bought five today and I’m going to come back and order a lot more. This is going to be the hottest Christmas gift in the Bay Area," an enthusiast, Hilda Ramirez, told NBC Bay Area.

San Jose-fans scrambled to buy the game out raising a buzz across the city, KTVU reported. The customized games were sold out in stores in preorders. Cap Peters, owner of Peters’ Bakery, told KTVU, “It's generational, just like all the generations that have been coming into Peters Bakery since my grandfather started it."

The developers have paid attention to the city’s wider demographics in the design, including places like San Pedro Square and even the Municipal Rose Garden, and city's transportation service, the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). "We hope that people go take selfies and photos and really just enjoy the opportunity to not just play the game but also be a part of it in real life," VTA spokesperson Marina Chakmakjian was quoted by KTVU.

According product listing on Top Trumps, the custom game costs $44.99 and comes with 8 classic metal tokens of recognizable San Jose landmarks such Original Joe’s, the Municipal Rose Garden and more.