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May 14, 2021
San Jose

Solar-roof manufacturer to open new San Jose facility, potentially staking their dominance in the market

A South Bay solar-panel manufacturer announced its plans to open a manufacturing facility in San Jose, potentially bringing hundred of jobs to Silicon Valley. Read More

Apr 16, 2021
San Jose

Volkswagen-backed battery startup QuantumScape leases 200,000 square foot production site in San Jose

EV battery startup QuantumScape has leased a massive production site in San Jose, hinting at the company’s intent to bring its “groundbreaking” solid-state battery products to market before 2025. Read More

Apr 15, 2021
San Jose

Santa Clara County surpasses 2,000 COVID-19 deaths

Around this time last year, Santa Clara County was approaching 2,000 COVID-19 cases and San Jose officials were predicting the county would see 2,000 deaths within 12 weeks. This week, the county has reached that unhappy milestone, albeit just over 12 months from the original prediction. Read More

Mar 22, 2021
San Jose

Fundraising Guide: Defining VCs, PEs, Seed & Angel Investors

Hoodline frequently covers fundraising news, but if you're an entrepreneur thinking about how to finance your new business, you probably have a lot of questions: What is pre-seed vs. seed? How does venture capital differ from venture debt? Who are these angels and when will they come from the heavens to bless my start-up with money? Read More

Feb 08, 2021
San Jose

Levi's Stadium to transform into the state’s largest mass vaccination site

We’re used to seeing football games or concerts at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. Now the massive facility will turn into what will be the biggest mass-vaccination site in the state. Read More

Jan 25, 2021
San Jose

Santa Clara County sanctions Los Gatos hospital for letting teachers cut the line for vaccines

After Good Samaritan Hospital let Los Gatos teachers cut in line for COVID vaccination, Santa Clara County will withhold further vaccines from the hospital until it provides a plan to follow eligibility guidelines for the coveted shots. Read More

Jan 19, 2021
San Jose

New coronavirus variant spreading through Santa Clara County, linked to Kaiser outbreak

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department held a press conference Sunday to announce that the area is dealing with the growing threat of a new coronavirus variant that appears to be the source of several outbreaks in the county. Read More

Jan 12, 2021
San Jose

Kaiser San Jose hit with huge fine months before fines were issued in deadly Christmas outbreak

Kaiser Permanente in San Jose has been dealing with the aftermath of a deadly outbreak in its Emergency Department that started Christmas morning and now we are learning it also paid a hefty price for similar allegations months before. Read More

Jan 09, 2021
San Jose

Vaccine distribution in Santa Clara County falls well below expectations

Like many other areas of the county, Santa Clara County announced today that it is falling behind in coronavirus vaccine distribution and has given out less than half of its inventory. Read More

Jan 05, 2021
San Jose

Santa Clara County begins seeing ambulance delays due to overwhelmed hospitals

Though the situation in hospitals remains worse in Southern California, Santa Clara County has become the first county in the Bay Area to experience serious delays as ambulances arrive at emergency rooms — due to the ERs and the hospitals already being overwhelmed with patients. As cases and hospitalizations potentially surge again following the holidays, other counties are on alert that this emergency-response failure may spread. Read More

Jan 04, 2021
San Jose

44 Kaiser San Jose employees infected, one dies in outbreak blamed on Christmas costume

One San Jose Kaiser Permanente employee is dead and 44 have tested positive for COVID in a post-Christmas outbreak possibly tied to an inflatable Christmas tree costume. Read More

Dec 03, 2020
San Jose

Santa Clara County runs dangerously low on ICU beds, releases vaccine distribution information

Officials with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department said Wednesday that just 12% of the hospital beds in the county were available and that there were only 44 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds countywide that were not being used. Read More