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Published on August 29, 2023
New 30 Foot Tall Kinetic Sculpture Debuts on Santa Clara Valley Medical CenterSource: County of Santa Clara

On August 28th, 2023, the Susanne B. Wilson Women and Children’s Center (WCC) at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center becomes the recipient of an enchanting new art installation, "Sentia." According to a news release from Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH), this 30-foot-tall kinetic sculpture is the brainchild of renowned German artist Christian Moeller. "

Inspired by wildlife, such as the drinking bird or stork, Moeller's creation features an ellipsoid-shaped belly that sways gracefully with the wind – a nod to the connection forged between the artwork and the families who frequent the WCC. The transformative movements of "Sentia" are brought to life by an electromagnetic system, highlighting the intricacies of the process as it seamlessly transitions between activity and inactivity.

County officials understand the deep significance of integrating art with healthcare. As Susan Ellenberg, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, explained, “In so many contexts, art is an instrument of healing. We are confident this captivating sculpture will serve as an iconic centerpiece and a warm invitation to all patients and visitors.” Moeller’s work is no stranger to the Bay Area, with his famous “Hands” installation at Mineta San Jose International Airport becoming an unforgettable symbol for residents and visitors alike.

Another compelling aspect of "Sentia" is the potential impact it can have on the overall patient experience, particularly for younger visitors. Michael Elliott, President and Executive Director of Valley Health Foundation, expressed his concern about the sometimes daunting nature of hospitals for children. “From a kid's perspective, a hospital can be a scary place,” he explained. “We want our young visitors to be greeted by something that inspires wonder instead of fear. That can have a big impact on the overall patient experience.”