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Published on May 04, 2024
Black-Owned Brewery Crowns & Hops Brews Change at Los Angeles International AirportSource: Crowns & Hops

In an exciting move for beer lovers and travelers alike, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. is setting up shop in the bustling corridors of Los Angeles International Airport. The black-owned brewery has snagged a spot inside Terminal 4, as indicated by a liquor license application. Although owner Teo Hunter has confirmed the development to What Now Los Angeles, the specifics remain on tap for now.

Founded in 2016 by Hunter along with partner Beny Ashburn, Crowns & Hops has been stirring the pot in the predominantly white craft beer industry. They’ve gained recognition for not just their beer but for an ethos that advocates for cultural ownership and authenticity, resonating with their motto, “Own your crown.” TIME highlighted the Inglewood-based brewery’s impact, describing how the brand is “Changing the face of beer.”

The brewery’s line-up includes an eclectic mix of brews. Recognizable names like the Mama’s Punch tart ale and the Inglewood Sun West Coast IPA vie for attention alongside collaborative creations like “One Pint At A Time.” This Buckwheat Honey Blonde Ale was brewed in connection with Vine Street Brewing Co. and celebrates the Black-owned breweries' narrative showcased in the documentary bearing the same name.

Moreover, as of the previous month, the brand broadened their domain by launching the Circle of Crowns Beverage Group. According to What Now Los Angeles, the group is the nation’s largest black-owned beverage assembly, bringing together Crowns & Hops with prominent industry names such as Full Circle Brewing, Speakeasy Ales & Lager, and Sonoma Cider.

As Crowns & Hops prepares to tap its first keg at LAX, details about when travelers can start grabbing a locally crafted pint before their flight are still fermenting. What's brewing at Crowns & Hops is more than just beer – it's a blend of culture, representation, and commerce, ready to be served up to the diverse clientele that flows through one of the world's busiest airports.