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Published on May 17, 2024
Los Angeles Forecast includes Patchy Drizzle with Gradual Sunshine Through The WeekSource: Unsplash / {Patrick Tomasso}

Los Angeles residents can expect a week of typical sunny weather, with patches of drizzle amidst otherwise cloudy days gradually giving way to sunshine. According to the National Weather Service, today's conditions will shift from cloudy to mostly sunny skies, with highs reaching a mild 67 degrees. The calm will be disrupted by a southwest wind picking up at around 5 mph. As the evening rolls in, Angelenos should prepare for patchy drizzle starting after 11pm, and the clouds will crowd again, with lows dipping to around 55 degrees.

As the weekend kicks off, that patchy drizzle is predicted to stick around before 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, before the sky gradually clears up to another high of about 67. For those looking to enjoy a night on the town, the night may be greeted with patchy fog after 11:00 P.M., while the temps drop slightly to a low near 53.

According to the detailed forecast, Sunday will brighten up to partly sunny skies and highs around 70, before more patchy drizzle comes down Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday continue the trend with chances of morning drizzle clearing up later and temperatures rising incrementally, bearing near 72 on Tuesday. It seems there's a bit of a dance between the clouds, the sun, and the light drizzle—a measured flashing of the sun's rays before the next wave of clouds move in to dim the streets of Los Angeles.

Midweek, expect the pattern to slightly shift to the better, with Wednesday warming up to a higher 74 degrees and a side of patchy drizzle underneath partly sunny skies. Come Wednesday night, visibility might be slightly hindered by fog, leading to mostly cloudy conditions and a low around 56. Thursday looks promising with temperatures expected to rise, reaching highs near 73 degrees, though morning fog may temporarily obscure the city's familiar landscapes, promising to clear up as the day progresses.