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Published on May 17, 2024
Chandler Dental Assistant Charged with Child Molestation, Police Uncover Disturbing EvidenceSource: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

A Chandler dental assistant is under arrest, accused of vile acts against children in what should have been the sanctity of a healthcare facility. Deion Garcia, a 27-year-old employee at "Kidiatric Dental & Orthodontics," has been charged with a series of disturbing crimes, including child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor. After a six-year-old girl reportedly asked her parents about the propriety of being touched during an X-ray scan, an ugly truth began to unfold. Her concerns voiced innocently to her mother and father, ignited an investigation that has since revealed multiple victims.

During Garcia's arrest on May 10, which was to quickly lead to revelations of horror beneath the surface of routine dental visits, police unearthed photographic evidence on his cell phone. Not only did this include images of the six-year-old who bravely voiced her concerns, but also pictures of a four-year-old girl were found among the digital cache, according to details provided by FOX 10 Phoenix

Allegations against Garcia include incidents where children were inappropriately touched during what were supposed to be routine dental x-ray exams. Court records, as reported by 12 News, detail accounts from the young victims, who allege that Garcia pulled down their shorts and touched them, with at least one case involving illicit photography using his cell phone.

As the legal system prepares to rigorously prosecute, Garcia must now reckon with a bond set at $500,000. If he does manage to post bond, he has been instructed to not even attempt to go back to the dentist's office, abstain from internet use, and avoid all contact with minors, which includes his seven-year-old son. Meanwhile, Chandler Police continue to diligently investigate, acknowledging the potential for additional victims to come forward.

At this time, the spokesperson for Kidiatric Dental & Orthodontics has chosen to withhold public comment.