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Published on April 23, 2024
San Jose Unveils Solaire Apartments, A New Era for Affordable Housing and Homelessness SolutionsSource: Google Street View

In a significant boost to affordable housing efforts, the Solaire Apartments in San Jose were unveiled on Monday, becoming a beacon of hope for the city's most vulnerable residents. A collaboration between the County of Santa Clara, Eden Housing, and multiple partners has led to this 130-unit development dedicated to individuals and families struggling with homelessness or the risk thereof. With a $26 million contribution from the county, including $13.2 million from the 2016-approved Measure A Affordable Housing Bond, the project underscores the region's commitment to combating housing instability, according to Santa Clara County.

At the heart of this initiative stands the transit-oriented Solaire Apartments, situated near Diridon Station. This development is part of a larger campaign that has seen the County Board of Supervisors allocate nearly $700 million in Measure A funding towards 56 developments. These ventures are expected to yield 5,127 new housing units and 689 renovated apartments. Currently, 21 projects have been completed, providing 1,525 new and 618 rehabilitated affordable housing units, signaling a solid stride toward addressing the area's housing crunch.

The County of Santa Clara has an established record of success through its partnerships, tackling the intertwined challenges of homelessness and housing affordability head-on. "A home provides an opportunity for each person living there to reach their full potential," said Supervisor Susan Ellenberg via County of Santa Clara news center, president of the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors. Ellenberg emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships that contribute to residents' ability to realize their potential by ensuring access to essential housing.

The impact of this concerted effort is anticipated to be substantial. Measure A-funded developments are on track to serve an estimated 17,400 people with approximately 4,800 new affordable housing units. Supervisor Cindy Chavez, the brainchild behind Measure A, lauded the local Delmas Park community for embracing the Solaire Apartments project, highlighting how the area's engagement and support have been pivotal to its success.

The County is not merely a funding source but also facilitates a crucial role in matching housing units with prospective tenants through the Coordinated Entry System. An impressive initiative by the County Office of Supportive Housing saw the creation of a client engagement team in 2017 dedicated to connecting the community's most vulnerable with case management and housing. "By tracking outcomes and regularly reviewing program data to inform system-level changes, the Office of Supportive Housing is constantly improving the ways in which unhoused residents are connected to housing programs," stated Consuelo Hernández, director of the Office of Supportive Housing. Indeed, a prescreening pilot program launched in 2021 has seen a significant uptick in the number of households served, reaching 187 per month in 2023.

The Solaire Apartments, enjoying an enviable location at 425 Auzerais Ave. in San José, have been constructed by Eden Housing to provide housing solutions and offer amenities such as a community garden and electric-vehicle charging stations. The all-electric project and Platinum GreenPoint Rated stands as a testament to eco-friendly and inclusive urban development. Linda Mandolini, president and CEO of Eden Housing, expressed deep gratitude for the partnership with the County and the support from local, state, and federal entities. Apart from Measure A funds, the development was also supported by the state's No Place Like Home program, channeling an additional $12.8 million into the project.