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Plano Propels Past Peers, Poised to Pioneer Drone Deliveries & Air Taxis in Zoning Shakeup

Plano Propels Past Peers, Poised to Pioneer Drone Deliveries & Air Taxis in Zoning ShakeupSource: Google Street View
Margie Townsend
Published on November 27, 2023

In a bold move that rockets Plano into the future, the city council is sitting down today to hash out the fate of commercial drone delivery and air taxi services. Local legislators could give the green light to a zoning overhaul that'll let businesses ship packages via drones and even allow residents to catch a lift in a flying taxi, all within the city's limits according to The Dallas Morning News.

The city's movers and shakers are scraping out details like the size and site of staging zones for these futuristic couriers, as well as how to shield Joe Public from them. They’re also figuring out how to fit in parking and loading docks for this high-tech traffic. Despite their hands being tied when it comes to flight paths and whatnot—that's FAA turf, after all—they're looking to lay down the law on the ground aspects per insights from Energy Portal.

Plano's planning director, Christina Day, remarked, "This is an emerging technology, so we wanted to make sure we were looking at what existed today but also showing a measure of caution in how we implement this and how it impacts neighboring properties." Plano, not content to sit back and watch the world whiz by, is prepping to join the ranks of cities pioneering a Jetsons-like reality per The Dallas Morning News.

The whole shebang started when DroneUp, a company eyeing the city for its operations, gave the powers that be something to mull over. They’ve been operating out of a Walmart, albeit without a permit, a misstep noted by the city but one they're not cracking down on just yet per The 1014. And with letters of interest from heavy hitters like Amazon and the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems, Plano's council chambers might just be the setting for the next chapter in urban transport's evolution.

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