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Published on November 30, 2023
Topcon Tech Giant Plants Sustainability Squad led by New VP Michael GomesSource: Topcon

Topcon Positioning Systems is launching a new crusade in the name of sustainability. The tech giant is birthing a brand-new global sustainability team, led by the staunch eco-warrior and newly-minted vice president of Global Sustainability and CSR, Michael Gomes, according to their press release.

Gomes is no stranger to green operations; he's been championing more sustainable agricultural practices throughout his tenure at Topcon. With this promotion, he brings his earth-friendly ethos to the company's global markets and product lines. "Sustainability has long been a part of the fabric of Topcon and is something we take very seriously as we take actions to support our global initiatives," Gomes reportedly divulged in a statement obtained by Topcon Positioning Systems.

Keeping true to its environment-loving manifesto, Topcon also unveiled the opening of a spanking new Research & Validation Center sprawling over a 60-acre green haven in Livermore, California. The project is a testament to Topcon's dedication to the planet, having received a green thumbs up from Alameda County. The vocally eco-conscious Topcon ensures that this center is designed to support the creation and testing of their latest eco-friendly technology.

With one foot firmly planted in sustainability, Topcon's solar power initiative shines just as brightly. The new Livermore campus is gearing up to bask in the golden glow of solar energy. Initial plans kicked off back in October 2022, and now the wheels are in motion to harness the sun's power, shining across its campus, the manufacturing facilities, and the electric car charging stations alike."This is a great opportunity for us to reduce our Scope 2 emissions and energy costs,” Gomes added, according to the announcement on their website.