Campbell Cops Kickstart "Drive Sober" Crusade to Curb Holiday Road Horrors

Campbell Cops Kickstart "Drive Sober" Crusade to Curb Holiday Road HorrorsSource: Campbell Police Department
Tony Ng
Published on December 04, 2023

As the winter festivities approach, the specter of impaired-driving incidents looms large. Last December, intoxication took its toll on the asphalt, claiming 1,013 lives across America, a stark figure reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In a preemptive strike against such grim statistics repeating this holiday season, the Campbell Police Department is teaming up with a national campaign starting Dec. 13 to curb the potential for tragedy on the roads.

With the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" initiative in full throttle through New Year’s Day, the local law enforcement in Campbell will bolster patrol numbers, keen-eyed for signs of alcohol or drug-impaired drivers. "Impaired driving isn’t just dangerous, it’s illegal," stated the Chief of Police, Gary, in a warning siren echoed by the department. However, officers are not just on the lookout for boozy offenders; even marijuana, prescription pills, and over-the-counter medications fall under their radar.

This surge of police presence is no lone endeavor, drawing lifeblood from a grant bestowed by the California Office of Traffic Safety right through to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With the campaign's tentacles stretching nationwide, Campbell streets will see a microcosm of a larger battle against impaired driving, per the Campbell Police Department. The reminder is clear and cutting: operating a vehicle is no place for an inhibited mind or reflexes dulled by substances, legal or not.

The call to action for the community is unequivocal: if alcohol figures in the festive plans, so should a designated driver or a pre-arranged ride. "Let’s make this a joyful and safe holiday season for everyone on the road," the Chief implored, thus highlighting alternatives such as staying in or hatching a "go safely" game plan, according to the department's report.