Oakland DA Pamela Price Spearheads Major Reforms to Enhance Victim Services in Alameda County

Oakland DA Pamela Price Spearheads Major Reforms to Enhance Victim Services in Alameda CountySource: Google Street View
Eileen Vargas
Published on December 08, 2023

Oakland's DA, Pamela Price, is ending the year on a reformative note, having equipped her office with a battalion of advocates to fight for victim's rights and justice—a move celebrated by many in the community. In a statement obtained by Alameda County DA's Office, Price emphasized the prioritization of victims in her administration, showcasing the strides taken in reducing backlogs that once clogged the judicial system.

Price, who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the victim advocacy group VOICES of the BAY AREA, unveiled the establishment of Alameda's inaugural Victims Advisory Commission, an effort to infuse the justice system with the perspectives of those once silenced. This commission becomes the third civic body convened under her tenure, following those dedicated to mental health and reentry. Her team, which includes Victim/Witness Advocates Director Kristina Molina and Family Justice Center Director Karla Elias-Flores, has reported both an infusion of new hires, including 12 victim-witness advocates and seven clinicians, and a dramatic reduction in case backlogs, allowing services to be delivered more efficiently and equitably.

According to the advocacy directors, Price's administration has handled over 22,500 victims, doled out more than 60,000 services, and financially supported grieving families by paying upwards of $750,000 in compensation and burial fees. The staff surge includes multilingual speakers and the hiring of the office's first transgender advocate, a clear nod to the county's rich diversity; these are practical strides that translate into real change for those seeking justice within Alameda's borders.