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Published on January 20, 2024
Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Slash Price of Atlanta Mansion Amid Divorce and Financial StrugglesSource: Facebook/Kim Zolciak Biermann

In yet another twist to their tumultuous public saga, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak and her former footballer husband Kroy Biermann have drastically cut the asking price of their Atlanta mansion, dropping it to $4.5 million, FOX 5 Atlanta reports. The celebrity couple's grand estate, located in the upscale city of Milton, Georgia, was initially put up for sale in October for a hefty $6 million, the price earlier deemed suitable for its luxurious specifications, which include seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and an array of upscale amenities such as a bar, a 500-bottle wine cellar, and a professional-grade gym.

The couple, who are in the midst of a divorce, have seen their financial stability waver with Truist Bank claiming they have "defaulted on their mortgage," a worrisome detail mentioned in court documents obtained by Page Six, the bank has threatened foreclosure should the debts continue to go unpaid; the mansion itself having narrowly escaped such a fate in 2014 and once again in February of last year, with the current price reduction perhaps signaling a more dire need to liquidate assets quickly as court documents and financial reports become increasingly grim, painting a picture of a couple in distress.

Both Zolciak and Biermann are also grappling with several other legal and financial challenges, including but not limited to a series of lawsuits for unpaid bills, Kroy's specific legal strife entails a pending lawsuit from his former divorce lawyer, a car company chasing him for payments too, and he, along with Kim, is ordered to pay a combined $230,000 in a bank-related lawsuit. Kim herself has garnered legal attention from both a credit card company for a claim over $150,000 and another case involving Target over an additional unpaid debt says Page Six.

Amid their financial and marital strife, Zolciak has reportedly turned to selling off personal items, including high-value designer goods such as Biermann's Louis Vuitton sneakers, and has aimed to monetize the highly publicized rumors surrounding their separation, a clarification on these efforts was not provided despite requests for comment; meanwhile, Biermann has pointed fingers at his estranged wife's alleged gambling problem, claiming it had drained $1.5 million throughout their marriage, these details on the couple's monetary situation and blame game come from revelations reported by Page Six, with an attorney for Kroy stating on the record, "Every month Kroy has to scratch enough money together to pay the mortgage to save the home from going into foreclosure; they are getting collection notices and now lawsuits on behalf of creditors."

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