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Published on January 08, 2024
Valley Deals Delight, Discounted Donuts and Pet Care for Maricopa County ResidentsSource: Facebook/Fix Adopt Save

As January rolls in with the cold, the heart-warming deals around the Valley are heating up, offering both fun and essentials at a generous discount. ABC 15 reports a slew of bargains, from donuts to pet care, veterans, teachers, and movie buffs are in for a treat this week with a bevy of specials that not only save cash but also contribute to a greater cause.

Fix.Adopt.Save. (FAS) is rolling out a January special that’s tough to ignore; for just $30 you can get your furry friend spayed or neutered, not to mention $33 event days throwing in vaccines, a deal that Fix.Adopt.Save. has earmarked for large canines on January 11 and pit bulls on January 12, in addition, Duck Donuts is sliding into the sweet deals scene with $12 Duck Dozens on January 10, with no special hoops to jump through, just straight-up savings in the store or online, says the Smart Shopper segment from ABC 15.

However, penny-saving pet owners take note, FAS-funded specials are strictly for companion pets and not for breeders, rescues, or feral cats as highlighted by Fix.Adopt.Save. Recently adopted pets from shelters or rescue groups should consult the organization of adoption for vet care needs, taking heed of the Arizona Revised Statute responsibility guidelines for the sterilization of adopted pets.

In pursuit of responsible pet ownership and to alleviate the pet population burden on shelters, FAS has placed a ceiling on the program at two pets per household, per year for Maricopa County residents only, nonetheless should you find yourself with a brood, the mom and entire litter may find relief under their wings with FAS assistance, these specials are made possible by the benevolence of grants from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and Maricopa County, claims the Fix.Adopt.Save website.

Not only does spaying or neutering help keep your pet healthy and safe, but it also plays a crucial role in reducing the number of homeless animals.