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Published on February 24, 2024
Anoka County Reminds Residents of Right-of-Way Rules for Sign PlacementSource: City of Anoka, Minnesota

Looking to advertise your upcoming garage sale or boosting visibility for your small business? Take a step back from planting that sign by the roadside. Anoka County authorities are reminding locals that signs of any stripe – including those for fundraisers or estate sales – are not allowed in the public right-of-way, a move in step with state policy regulations designed to keep our streets uncluttered and safe.

The rules are clear - attaching signs to traffic lights, stop signs, or any control devices is a big no-no, and remember, those power poles and fences, they indicate where the right-of-way begins and ends so eye them before you claim your spot for your ad, on improved county roads, usually 40 feet or more in width and where discerning a fence or power pole is not a piece of cake, the guideline for placing your signs should be 50 feet from the centerline, and as for those narrower unimproved county roads, maintain a distance of 33 feet from the centerline, as reported by Anoka County's official notification.

If you're scratching your head over where exactly these mysterious right-of-way lines fall, the county provides a handy GIS map online, featuring property lines and plat information that can assist in placement decisions – an aerial view is also available for a bird’s eye snapshot aiding in your sign placement strategy. "We realize the use of signs is a vital part of your successful fundraiser, garage, yard or estate sale, or your business" acknowledges the Anoka County statement, underlining the importance of signage in promoting community activities while balancing it with legal and safety considerations.

When in doubt over where to stake your sign, it's prudent to make a quick call to the helpful folks at the Anoka County Highway Department at 763-324-3100, who can provide clarification and prevent any inadvertent overlap with the public’s path, securing a win-win for businesses and pedestrians alike with everyone adhering to the guidelines ensuring the streets stay safe for everyone; organized, and looking good.