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Published on February 26, 2024
Balboa Park's Pershing Bikeway Upgrades Commence, Enhancing Safety for San Diego Cyclists and PedestriansSource: SANDAG

Bikers and pedestrians in Balboa Park are getting a route revamp as the Pershing Bikeway upgrades from its temporary path to a more permanent stride. Starting Monday, the transition will see two-wheel travelers moved to a new two-way bikeway, while those on foot will have dedicated sidewalks and jogging paths. The shift, affecting the stretch between Upas Street and Florida Drive, aims to improve the flow and safety within the park.

It's not all smooth cycling just yet, though. The section of the bikeway between Upas Street and B Street still echoes the sound of ongoing construction. Cyclists and pedestrians alike are urged to keep their wits about and steer clear of the work zones for safety. Details of the changes were announced in an X post by SANDAG, the regional planning agency spearheading the initiative.

The overhaul is part of a grander design to make Pershing Drive a "low-stress" street that's safer and more inviting for everyone, not just bike enthusiasts. Slated for full completion in late Spring 2024, the 2.3-mile bikeway is set to transform the North Park-to-Downtown San Diego arterial into a haven for bikers and walkers, according to a project overview provided by SANDAG.

Community members have been thanked for their patience as the bikeway comes into being, promising to be a significant addition to the area's infrastructure. The project's alignment with the 2021 Regional Plan shows a commitment to accessible park amenities and boosting regional connectivity. However, celebrants of this progress must remember that construction schedules have the habit of shifting, so a measure of adaptability will still be required.