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Published on February 07, 2024
Dallas and Collin Counties Win $27 Million HUD Grant to Fortify Homeless Housing EffortsSource: Ed Yourdon from New York City, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The battle against homelessness in Dallas and Collin counties has scored a significant victory, with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development doling out a hefty $27 million in annual funding to the region. This cash infusion comes courtesy of the All Neighbors Coalition's successful strategies and collaborations, which have led to notable decreases in the number of people living without shelter.

With a 23% jump from the funding received in 2022 and a striking 44% increase in dollars from 2021, HUD is firmly backing the committed approach of the coalition. In a statement obtained by the City of Dallas, Christine Crossley, Director of the Office of Homeless Solutions, said, "The All Neighbors Coalition's collaborative efforts with area partners, including the City of Dallas, have been instrumental in driving our mission to provide housing for the homeless."

Housing Forward, the agency spearheading the rehousing system and a part of the coalition, has been at the forefront of redesigning the local strategy against homelessness. This well-coordinated partnership of more than 140 organizations has made it possible to quickly and effectively house the homeless, reporting a 160% increase in monthly housing placements, as per insights shared by Sarah Kahn, President and CEO of Housing Forward.

Statistics from the coalition reveal a 14% drop in unsheltered homelessness and a 32% reduction in chronic homelessness in the last year alone. This newly secured funding promises to further bolster efforts to permanently move families and individuals out of homelessness. It will also expand essential support services to ensure the transition back into society is not only possible but also sustainable for those affected.

The City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions, recognized as a change agent, remains committed to its mission of offering strategic initiatives, street outreach, and innovative solutions to combat homelessness. Their initiatives have focused on providing consistency, transparency, and accountability while ensuring that essential services like food, shelter, and housing support are readily accessible to those in need.