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Published on February 25, 2024
Dollar General Contributes Staggering 15.2 Million Pounds of Food to Combat US Hunger CrisisSource: Google Street View

In a move to tackle the growing issue of hunger nationwide, Dollar General has reportedly donated an enormous amount of food to aid those in need. According to Fox San Antonio, the company gave away 15.2 million pounds of food in 2023 through a collaboration with Feeding America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating food scarcity in the United States.

The scale of this philanthropy is not just a number - it's a lifeline for the approximately 44 million Americans grappling with food insecurity. Donations made by Dollar General have reached local food banks, with the San Antonio Food Bank receiving a hefty 393,000 pounds of contributions last year. Texas got a total of 2 million pounds, a substantial boost for the state's hunger-relief efforts.

Adding to that, a report by The News-Enterprise highlights that nearly 2.3 million pounds went to addressing hunger in Kentucky alone, with 955,000 pounds directed to local branch Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland in Elizabethtown.

From this partnership, which initiated in 2021, Dollar General has not only contributed $3 million in cash but has also supplied in-kind food donations amounting to over 24 million meals, Factoring in the nationwide reach, this corporate generosity seems to span the breadth of the country, injecting vital sustenance into communities where grocery store chains like Dollar General often stand as the sole retail lifeline.