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Published on February 21, 2024
Eritrean Artist Abraham Awalom to Enrich Seattle's Public Art with Redmond Project Debut in 2024Source: Art Beat Office of Arts & Culture

Seattle's public art scene is getting a fresh infusion of talent, as Eritrean-born artist Abraham Awalom brings his unique perspective to the city's canvas. After fleeing to the U.S. in 2014, Awalom has been turning heads with his vibrant work that reflects both his indigenous roots and his contemporary experiences, according to a feature on Art Beat Seattle.

Awalom, who joined the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s Public Art Artist Roster, has his sights set on leaving a profound mark on the artistic landscape. "As an up-and-coming immigrant artist, my goal is to establish connections within the art network to make significant advancements in my field," Awalom told Art Beat Seattle, in a statement that resonates with the artist's ambition despite some overlooking such golden opportunities. His hard work is about to bear fruit with the upcoming inauguration of a public art project at The Sound Transit Link Light Rail Station in Redmond, scheduled for 2024.

The artist's determination to weave human connections into his art has already led to two public art ventures. His third project is in development for Cowen Park, where Seattleites can anticipate the blend of his past and present in what promises to be a visually engaging installation.

Through his collaboration with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Abraham has become an advocate for the role of public art in nurturing careers. "This pathway has the potential to foster the flourishing of their artistic careers in the near future," he remarked about emerging artists engaging with public initiatives. Refugees Day Art exhibition attendees a couple of years ago first witnessed Awalom's drive and it has led him to this high point in his budding career.

As the artist stands poised to unveil his latest contribution to Seattle's urban tapestry, his story stands as an inspiration to other aspiring artists in the community. 2024 will not only see the launch of Awalom's endeavor in Redmond but will also highlight how public art can become a pivot point for artistic innovation and cultural dialogue.