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Published on February 22, 2024
Minneapolis Launches City Tree Lottery Offering Affordable Trees to Boost Urban CanopySource: Unsplash/George Bakos

Minneapolitans looking to green up their properties are in luck this spring – the City Tree Lottery has kicked off, and it's offering residents the chance to score affordable trees to enhance their yards. According to a bulletin by the City of Minneapolis, the local Health Department has joined forces with Tree Trust with the aim of expanding the city's tree canopy, setting up a pool of 1,000 shade and evergreen trees priced at $30 a pop.

The trees, which can vary in size from 3 to 8 feet, depending on the species, are part of a larger initiative to foster healthier communities, especially in areas designated as Green Zones, locations known for their limited natural vegetation and in dire need of a green boost. If you're a property owner in Minneapolis you have until March 31 to throw your hat into the ring with selected individuals notified come April, where they'll then receive further instructions on how to go about claiming their tree or trees, which must be collected on either May 18 or May 19, the bulletin detailed.

There's more to trees than just curb appeal; the City Trees Program educates on a variety of tree benefits that extend well beyond aesthetics. Trees are known to act like natural air conditioners for homes and apartments, mitigate stormwater runoff, increase property value, purify the air, offer sanctuary to wildlife, and imbue neighborhoods with a sense of tranquility conducive to improved general health and well-being.

Those new to the cultivation of trees need not fret, as comprehensive guidance on planting and maintenance will accompany each new sapling, ensuring even the greenest thumbs can contribute to the metropolitan canopy, “Never planted a tree before? Don’t worry. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to plant and care for your new tree,” said an official statement from the program, illustrating their commitment to supporting novice arborists, while footage from the previous year showcases a throng of eager locals partaking in the pickup day festivities.

Questions about the process, benefits, or tree care, in general, can be clarified by visiting the program's website or by reaching out directly via email at [email protected], with the subject line 'Mpls Lottery', to ensure a quick and thorough response.