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Published on February 22, 2024
Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Unveils 2024 Grants for Artists and Community ProgramsSource: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Seattle's creative scene is getting a financial boost in 2024, which is rolling out a lineup of grants for artists and community groups in the city. Local creatives should sharpen their pencils – and their grant-writing skills – as applications are open for a slew of opportunities, including the Youth Arts Grant and CityArtist programs, according to the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

Starting off with the Youth Arts Grant – applications are ongoing until February 27, Seattle's up-and-coming young artists can snag two years' worth of arts education. This program isn't just for the painter in the making or the teen who can strum a guitar, organizations and educators are also in the running if they've got the plans to provide artsy guidance to eager middle and high school students.

Next on the docket is the CityArtist grant, opening its doors from March 26 to May 7. According to a statement obtained by Art Beat Seattle, this chunk of change is designated for "Seattle-based individual artists/curators to research, develop, and present ideas or ventures." And, they're not just throwing money at any old art form – this year, it's all about the movers, the shakers, and the playwrights with a focus on Dance, Music, and Theater.

The Artists at the Center initiative isn't just giving artists a stage – it's giving them a stage at the iconic Seattle Center, where they're encouraged to flex their talent and expand their audience. The call for applications kicks off on May 21 and runs through July 2. Meanwhile, those with a way with words can take aim at the Civic Poet slot, starting June 4. As a two-year residency, the chosen literary ambassador can revel in representing Seattle's "diverse cultural community."

But it's not all about hitting the books and stages: come fall, the Arts in Parks grant is up for grabs from September 24 to November 5, bringing a blend of culture and green space to Seattle's parks. Additionally, the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (LHPAI) Facility Grant is already taking applications on a rolling basis, offering a venue for events minus the cash, focusing instead on staffed building use.

For those seeking a little less formality and a little more experimentation, the smART Ventures Grant and The Creative Advantage Community Arts Partner Roster are ongoing opportunities. The former dishes out $500 to $1,500 for innovative ideas while the latter signs up artists and organizations ready to take their talents into the classroom.

All those interested in applying or in need of additional information about these artistic opportunities can plug into the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture's website