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Published on February 06, 2024
Texas Crowned Nation's Most Lustful State in Latest 'Sinfulness' SurveySource: Unsplash/ Womanizer Toys

The Lone Star state has officially been dubbed the land of desire. Texas reigns supreme as the nation's most lustful state, a titillating new survey reveals. Just in time for Mardi Gras, personal finance website WalletHub has released its findings, calculating the overall 'sinfulness' of states with Texas topping the charts for lustful behavior.

According to FOX San Antonio, the study took into account various indicators of temptation including the teen birth rate, arrests for prostitution, and online searches for adult entertainment—metrics in which Texas showed its passionate predilections. Moreover, the report indicates Texas' grand positioning at number seven in the overall 'Most Sinful States' roster, a slight fall from its previous standing as hot number six in 2023.

But it's not all red-light district in the heart of Texas. The survey, as highlighted by KENS 5, depicts a slightly more virtuous side with Texas ranking 19th in Anger & Hatred, 27th in Laziness, and placing modestly at 33rd and 38th in Anger & Hatred and Excesses & Vices respectively, according to FOX San Antonio. However, the state did showcase a sense of pride, ranking 7th in Vanity.

Experts warn, however, against taking these rankings at face value. Linda Gorman, Director of the Health Care Policy Center at the Independence Institute, told FOX San Antonio, "Depends on the definition of sin," while pondering the criteria that determine the degree to which something may be considered sinful. "Historically, it has been a religious concept. As used in secular language, its definition varies." She suggested a more pragmatic approach that focuses on concrete data such as crime rates and drug abuse. Additionally, Dr. Yuliya Zabyelina, Associate Professor at the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice of The University of Alabama, emphasized to FOX San Antonio that the concept of 'sin' highly subjective, pointing out that "One cannot assume there exists a universal standard for 'sinfulness.'" Zabyelina cautioned against imposing a singular cultural standard which can lead to ethnocentric bias.

While Texas may have clinched an ignoble title, the rankings from WalletHub provide both levity and a nuanced look at societal behaviors—a combination that is sure to stir both pride and consternation deep in the heart of Texans.