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Published on March 01, 2024
Bloomington Announces Welcoming Wednesdays to Connect and Support Local Entrepreneurs at Civic PlazaSource: Google Street View

Bloomington's aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for a leg up can mark their calendars for Welcoming Wednesdays. The City of Bloomington's official site announced that the event will take place on the second Wednesday of each month from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Civic Plaza on West Old Shakopee Road. The aim is to loop local business figures into the community network before the launch of the new small business development center.

In 2024, the series will be hosted by Ahmed Mohidin of Sigma Consulting and Training, a name that's quickly becoming synonymous with business acumen in the region. These gatherings are designed not only to foster important connections but also to fully equip participants with the resources they need to successfully start and grow their businesses.

"This is an ongoing series that aims to build connections with the Bloomington business community before the small business development center opens," Assistant Port Authority Administrator Barb Wolff stated. Local business leaders and experts will be present at these sessions, ready to offer advice and discuss strategies for business growth and sustainability.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to network and learn and to utilize the wealth of knowledge that Mohidin and other business veterans bring to the table. Those interested don't need to travel far to attend the sessions in the heart of Bloomington, at 1800 W. Old Shakopee Road. For more details on Welcoming Wednesdays, head to the event's page on the City of Bloomington's website.