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Published on March 03, 2024
Cambridge Welcomes Ten One Tea House's New Location in Harvard SquareSource: Ten One Tea House website

Cambridge's Harvard Square just got a little sweeter with the opening of the latest Ten One Tea House location. Nestled on JFK Street, this artisanal tea spot wants you to forget the coffee buzz and get steeped in its tranquil vibe. Ten One Tea House is not just another bubble tea shop, it's a statement of refined taste, serving up a variety of milk teas, bubble teas, and slushes that boast of being more than mere drinks—they are a culture, a love shared with the community.

As reported by Boston Restaurant Talk, Ten One Tea House's new outpost occupies the space at 54 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138. And if you're curious to see what the buzz is about, or rather, the lack thereof since tea is more genteel, the details are all on their website.

Ten One takes its name seriously. "TEN—ten out of ten means the most, which implies 100%," and "ONE—is the one you strive to," explains on their website. This philosophy is a commitment to excellence in the art of tea-making with "100% effort to do one thing right—handcrafted to perfection." It's no wonder that with this kind of dedication, each sip promises to be a journey into the blissful world of high-quality ingredients and unadulterated flavors.

The chain’s dedication to health and well-being doesn't stop at its menu. The brand's ethos is steeped in producing beverages that not only taste good but do good. According to Ten One Tea House's website, their mission is to serve "healthy beverages composed of simple but high-quality ingredients," including "organic dried flowers, fresh fruits, and premium loose-leaf tea." They've poured their passion into every cup, not just to delight, but to inspire a healthy lifestyle among their customers.

Beyond a drink, Ten One Tea House fosters an intimate community vibe. They state proudly, "People feel welcomed in our shops, communicate with our staff, and return like an old friend." Whether you're in Boston's Back Bay, Fenway, Assembly Row in Somerville, or venturing to their location in Watertown's Arsenal Yards, each spot is unique yet invariably filled with the same spirit—aimed at offering "the best healthy drinks to our customers." Time will tell if the locals and the Harvard crowd will make Ten One Tea House their new go-to spot for a tea break, but with doors now open, Cambridge has officially been invited to join the tranquil tea revolution.