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Published on March 28, 2024
Main Street in Morristown Set to Reopen Post-Demolition of Fire-Damaged Parks-Belk BuildingSource: Facebook/City of Morristown - Government

The heart of Morristown is set for a renaissance, as city officials announced yesterday that the Main Street could soon reopen, signaling a turn towards normalcy following the demolition of the fire-ravaged Parks-Belk building. As the rubble clears, the city anticipates the imminent return of traffic flow through its key artery.

According to a report by WVLT News, the demolition crew has made significant headway, nearly erasing the top floor of the former retail cornerstone. Cleanup operations are slated to commence in the days ahead, with the goal to restore safe passage for residents and visitors alike. The Parks-Belk building was pronounced a total loss after January's inferno, which necessitated its current teardown.

Jeffrey Scott Cicirelli, the man accused of sparking the fire that brought the building to its knees, is currently facing a slew of charges including arson, reckless endangerment, burglary and vandalism. Investigations revealed after his arrest indicated that Cicirelli allegedly harbored plans to burn additional buildings, with materials to start fires purportedly discovered in other downtown locations, as detailed in warrants obtained by WVLT News.

While the Parks-Belk building's fate was sealed by the flames, its owners have expressed intent to maintain a thread to the past. They plan to erect apartments and storefronts on the now vacant plot, yet with a nod to the building's historic charm, as WBIR reported. The loss of the building, which unfolded after a large blaze on the evening of January 2, shook the community but also paved the path for future development.

The origin of the January fire, which led to the evacuation of adjacent buildings and the destruction of the Parks-Belk Building, quickly became a criminal matter with Cicirelli's arrest by authorities on January 3. Cicirelli, a Michigan native, has been tethered to the act of arson that marred the historical character of downtown Morristown, as per the information from a WATE report.