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Published on March 01, 2024
Playa Bowls Brings Beach Flavors to Boston Suburbs with New Wellesley LocationSource: Facebook/Playa Bowls

Expanding its East Coast footprint, the New Jersey-based eatery Playa Bowls has added another notch to its belt, this time in Wellesley, Massachusetts, bringing beach vibes and healthy eats to the leafy suburbs of Boston. Wellesley locals can now savor a taste of summer year-round, thanks to the chain's signature acai and pitaya bowls, smoothies, and fresh juices. The new Playa Bowls location, nestled into Linden Square, complements its presence in the region with shops in neighborhoods such as Brighton, Northeastern University, Harvard Square, and more, according to a recent report from Boston Restaurants Blog.

Surf's up for Wellesley with the opening of Playa Bowls at Linden Street, where beach-goers and bowl-lovers alike can get their fix, the new outpost joins an ever-growing list of over 200 nationwide, a testament to the brand's popularity and the founders' commitment to spreading the joy of their beach-inspired treats far from the shores of the Jersey coast. The story behind these ubiquitous bowls began with a blend of passion and innovation as founders Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor, both Jersey Shore surfers, channeled their love for surf culture and healthy living into a business venture that started humbly on the sidewalk in front of a Belmar, NJ, pizza shop, the dynamic duo turning a makeshift pop-up stand into a culinary wave that swept across the nation.

The culinary surf has now carried Playa Bowls to Wellesley, providing locals with a diverse menu that stays true to the original recipes created during the founders' surf trips to exotic locales like Panama and Hawaii, each bowl designed to deliver a delectable and nutritious experience. As noted on the Playa Bowls website, Giuliani and Taylor took their blend of surf culture and healthy fare from an innovative sidewalk pop-up to a nationwide phenomenon, capturing the hearts of customers through dedicated storytelling and education about the benefits of acai—an approach that still resonates with consumers today.

Patrons swinging by Wellesley's slice of the Playa Bowls empire can expect to encounter the same enthusiasm and authenticity that has fueled the brand's remarkable journey from a simple beachfront stand to over 200 stores, while their digestive systems will no doubt appreciate the light, refreshing options served amidst the backdrop of New England's seasonal changes. The opening is not just a win for smoothie aficionados and bowl buffs, it's a story of relentless ambition and the sweet taste of success that founders Giuliani and Taylor have been riding since they sold their first acai bowl to a curious passerby on the Jersey Shore.