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Published on March 25, 2024
Rep. Mike Thompson Names Jill Orr Solano County Woman of the Year 2024 During Women's History MonthSource: Rep. Mike Thompson

Residents of Solano County have a new champion among them, as Rep. Mike Thompson has announced Jill Orr as the 2024 Solano County Woman of the Year, a salute rooted firmly in the history of Women's History Month, which itself began in this very district, a testament to the area's continuing commitment to recognizing the instrumental roles women play in shaping our society and bolstering our communities.

In a statement obtained by Rep. Thompson's office, the congressman lauded Orr for her efforts to nurture the local economy and support small businesses. This relentless endeavor has seen her at the helm of various pivotal organizations such as the Dixon Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Dixon Business Association, also serving commendably as president of Native Daughters of the Golden West alongside her role as a public servant as a Dixon City Councilwoman and a Dixon Planning Commissioner.

The recognition celebrates Orr among other deserving women within the district, each an exemplar of progress and service: Ana Santana from Lake County, Maria Cisneros of Napa County, Karen Collins representing Sonoma County, and Karen Urbano from Yolo County. The Woman of the Year Recognition Ceremony echoes the origins of Women's History Month, which started with a localized event in Sonoma County and has since ballooned into a national movement dedicated to honoring the relentless spirit and contributions of American women.

This March, Women's History Month stands as an enduring tribute to the countless women who have pushed past boundaries and have, through their stellar achievements, demonstrated the indomitable strength and wisdom of womanhood, according to the historical archives; this tradition, rooted in California soil, was propelled forward by the passionate advocacy that unfolded in the late 20th century, culminating in Congress designating March as a time to uplift and celebrate these contributions, initiatives like Sonoma County's "Woman's History Week" and the founding of the National Women's History Project by a group of Sonoma County women have ultimately woven a tapestry rich in feminine legacy.