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Published on March 23, 2024
Santa Rosa Police on the Hunt for Suspect in Chase Bank Daylight RobberySource: Santa Rosa Police

Chase Bank on Sonoma Avenue was the scene of the crime Thursday afternoon when a man walked in and coolly swiped an undisclosed stash of cash. Santa Rosa Police Department is on the hunt for the elusive suspect, who took to his heels after pulling off the daylight robbery without showing so much as a peep of a weapon.

The suspect is a white male, estimated to be in the grip of his 40s or 50s, with a height somewhere between 5-foot 8-inches and 5-foot 10-inches, clocking in at around 200 pounds. He was last seen dressed in a black jacket, dark pants, and sporting a beanie emblazoned with "Cali". Police responded promptly to the bank's alarm, but the suspect had already disappeared into the streets, leaving officers grappling for leads.

Investigators with the SRPD’s Violent Crimes Investigations Team are digging deep into the case and putting out an appeal for any tidbit of information related to the suspect or the robbery. Anyone with insights is urged to step forward and could be pocketing up to $2,500 for their trouble, thanks to a reward from the Sonoma County Alliance Community Engagement and Safety Rewards Fund. This bounty goes to anyone who can lead detectives straight to the doorstep of the person or persons responsible for the heist.

Authorities have yet to sniff out more details, but they're holding their cards close, revealing no further tidbits about the ongoing investigation. The Police Department encourages those who prefer the shadows to come forward online through their confidential Tip Line. Images of the suspect have been circulated and members of the public can catch a glimpse of the man in question on the police department's Facebook page.