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Published on April 10, 2024
Aerosmith Ready to Rock Philadelphia Amidst Farewell Tour and Steven Tyler's Legal BattlesSource: Joan017, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bad Boys from Boston aren't hanging up their mic stands just yet, despite having announced what was billed as a 'farewell' tour last year. According to NBC Philadelphia, Aerosmith is set to rock Philadelphia once again, with a performance lined up for September 23 as part of a tour currently slated to culminate in Buffalo come February 2025.

Frontman Steven Tyler, now in the throes of his mid-seventies, hinted previously at the elasticity of their goodbyes, admitting "It's the final farewell tour, but I have a feeling it will go on for a while," as per NBC Philadelphia. But let's not forget this farewell tour dangles against the backdrop of Tyler’s recent health troubles, including vocal cord damage that required a 30-day vocal rest period and even more concerning, a fractured larynx which led to postponing dates initially set for 2023 to the following year, as noted by CBS News Boston.

The narrative surrounding Aerosmith's final performances has been as unpredictable as their frontman's signature scarves caught in a stage fan far from the Dream On days. Aerosmith today faces a host of uncertainties with Tyler's health taking center stage, and long-time drummer Joey Kramer stepping away from the tour to prioritize "his family and health", the latter confirmed via a joint statement by the band, as San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Further clouding the band's trajectory, Steven Tyler faces legal turmoil, with a lawsuit in California accusing him of past abuses, though a New York judge recently dismissed separate accusations of assault against the singer. These aren’t love bites, they’re real accusations that paint a starkly less glamorous picture of Aerosmith's storied past, which dates back to their formation in 1970 and subsequent 2001 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. The saga of Aerosmith continues, the band playing on to the beat of courtroom drama and tour date teases, even as age and scandal try to snuff out what's left of the members' once-incandescent flame.