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Published on April 24, 2024
Allston's Beloved Vegan Eatery Grasshopper to Close After 27 Years Over Lease DisputeSource: Google Street View

Allston's Grasshopper, a mainstay among the city's herbivorous diners for nearly three decades, is slated to shutter at month's end. Restaurant owner Hoai Nguyen confirmed that the vegan Asian establishment will serve its last meal on May 29 after struggling with lease issues, as per a report.

Nguyen claimed the restaurant's departure is due to a lease termination, alleging the landlord has a new tenant lined up, willing to pay "higher rent." However, representatives from One North Beacon LLC countered this narrative, stating that the lease had naturally expired and they had no intention to renew it—primarily because of persistent problems with property upkeep and unpaid rent, raising the rent was never on the table.

Famous for its no-meat renditions of Asian cuisine, the eatery offered Chinese and Southeast Asian dishes without animal products, attracting both vegans and vegetarians alike. Grasshopper has been dishing out vegetable tempura, tofu fried rice, and other favorites like the No Name – a battered gluten dish in sweet and sour sauce – for 27 years, according to a local food blog.

The Allston community, Nguyen hopes, will continue to support Grasshopper in its future endeavor to relocate. "I hope in a couple of months… we [can] continue the Grasshopper name," Nguyen told over the phone, suggesting a commitment to the area's vegan community despite the impending closure. Meanwhile, patrons are encouraged to partake in the restaurant's offerings before they close the doors, and to stay tuned to the restaurant’s Facebook account for updates about a potential new location.

Grasshopper first sprouted its roots on N. Beacon Street, becoming a beloved part of Allston's food scene, particularly among the young, college student demographic. With the news of its closing, fans of the establishment are being asked to share their special memories and favorite dishes. These testimonials might find a place in an upcoming article as the community prepares to bid farewell to their longtime vegan hub.